Farm Animals

Mini Horses: Bugsy and Cherry

Bugsy- Sponsored By: Kathy Palmblad

Cherry- Sponsored By: Vicky Springer

Mini Donkey: Lucy

Sponsoed By:  Hariett Vahle

Mini (Zebu) Cows:  Clarabelle and Mabel

Clarabelle- Sponsored By:  Constance Canfield 

Sheep: April, June, Nellie, Daphne, and Honey

Sponsored By:  The Meena Family

Male Goats: Dusty, Buster, Lucas, Casper, and Rudy

Dusty- Sponsored By:  Dr. Mike McDonald
Buster- Sponsored By: Jost Reinhold
Lucas- Sponsored By: Mary Long



     Female Goats: Dolly, Margo, Rain, and Luna

    Dolly- Sponsored By: Judy Brooks

    Margo- Sponsored By: Gywn Green
    Rain- Sponsored By: Patrice Byerly
    Luna- Sponsored By: JoAnne Quarles


    Bantam Chickens: Star, Thunder, Fluffy and Fancy
    Star- Sponsored By: Nathan and Iain Groocock

    Thunder- Sponsored By: Marlo Bennett
    Fluffy and Fancy Sponsored By: Sandy Bartholomew and Linda Bailey

    Chickens:  Roxy, Opal, Iris, Ruby, Jewel, Ebony, Pearl, Diamond, and Crystal

                       Roxy- Sponsored By:  Fred Pryor

    Opal- Sponsored By: Jamie Wiggins
    Iris- Sponsored By: Sharon Dukat
    Ruby- Sponsored By: Lynn Tidmus
    Jewel- Sponsored By: Melissa Hooks
    Ebony- Sponsored By: Dr. Mike McDonald
    Pearl- Sponsored By: Ron Pearl
    Diamond- Sponsored By: Joyce Garett

    Crystal- Sponsored By:  Emily Rouse

    Garnet- Sponsored By:  Kathy Palmblad

    Ducks: Josie, Rosie, Rachel and Monica

    Josie-Sponsored By:  Genia Elliott

    Rosie- Sponsored By: Lori Aach

    Monica- Sponsored By: Phil Keller  

    Mottled Duck:

    Angel- Sponsored By:  Marlo Bennett

    Duck:  Baby

    Turkeys: Tom, Tallulah, Tiffany, Tessa and Babies

    Tom- Sponsored By: Beverly Springer


    Tiffany- Sponsored By: Beverly Springer

    Tessa- Sponsored By: Sam Bartholomew

    Tallulah- Sponsored By: Shelley Meena

    Turkey Teens

    Turkey Babies

    Pigs: Wilma, Bella, Gracie, and Betsy


    Wilma- Sponsored By: Trudy Temple


    Bella- Sponsored By:  Melissa Byrd

    Gracie- Sponsored By:  Judy Brooks

    Betsy- Sponsored By: Pamela Fortunato


    Rabbit Sponsors: Roger- Nathan and Iain Groocock

                                  Simba- Emmie Saslo

                                  Willow- Alyssa and RuthAnn Althaus